This song is one of my favorites. I would like to dedicate it to you.
Check out the video because the cards that the people hold up in the beginning touch on negative labels that we may have been given by others and sometimes by ourselves.
As Jason sings the last set of labels that the people hold up in the video shows the way the Lord thinks of us and how in Him we can think about ourselves.
I love music. I also love words. I listen intensely for words that uplift my soul. This song does that. It makes me feel better when I already feel good and makes me feel like saying, "I've got to get up from here" when I feel like giving up on my dreams.
For the Artist/Music Spotlight this week we are focusing on Danny Gokey. I have listened to his album and Danny Gokey has a strong, soulful, beautiful voice. For those of you that are not familiar with Danny, the world discovered his talent on American Idol.
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