Bible Study
God uses everyday people like you and me for his work. When I realized this I was amazed and liberated. What is required?- belief in Him and a willingness to follow His directions.
See I use to look at other people and think that they were Christian superheroes and I thought that I had to wait to receive these superpowers.
One of my favorite albums that I listen to is Mail Is.. by Mali Music. Mali has a very unique sound which makes his music even more appealing. The songs on this album speak on real life issues but it encourages you in your faith at the same time.
Bible Study
I love what Joseph did in each hard situation that he faced. His positive response transformed each setback into a step forward. He didn't spend much time asking why. His approach was "What shall I do now?"
Love is a universal word. Everyone has their own unique way of showing love. We even have our own unique way of wanting to receive love. But how we give and receive love may not necessarily line up with how God defines love.
Bible Study
Easter reminds me of growing up in Florence, South Carolina. Easter was a big thing for us as children. Do you remember the feeling of getting those beautiful, spring colored dresses every year? Guys have to remember sitting in the barbershop all day waiting for a turn for a haircut. Boys wore sharp suits for Easter that sometimes included ties which as I recall most boys hated to wear.
I read a devotional last week where Stormie Omartian talked about the three-word prayer that God loves. She discussed the early years of her marriage and how when there was conflict between her and her husband she would sometimes pray that the Lord would change him. God knows I've been there. Have you?
Living your calling requires you to recognize and overcome your own set of obstacles-your personal calling blockers. The extreme adventure of your calling requires courage, resourcefulness, and willingness to confront new and unfamiliar challenges.
Personal Growth
Did you know that you can start over? I guess I always knew that I could but I lost sight of it. I forgot that "another chance" is really what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. As the Christian cliché states we are not just afforded a second chance but another chance.
Have you ever had one of those days at work where it seemed that everything you touch goes wrong? Maybe it has been more than a day, maybe a week even or God forbid it seems to happen all of the time.
As an entrepreneur when I fall short at work there is no one to blame but me. For now I am a one woman show. One of the hardest things I have found in being a business owner is separating what I do from who I am.
The wise woman builds her house; a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands. Proverbs 14:1 (NLT). The first woman is described as wise because she builds her house but the second woman is called foolish because she tears down her house with her own hands. Wow, she tears down her own house with her own hands. I wonder does she realize. I didn't.


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