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Bible Study
This past week we discussed making decisions within the will of God. But how do we know exactly what God wants us to do?
Ann Gant • Bible Study
In our reading last week the authors discussed Vision. Vision, as the term is referred in the text is the God-given ability to picture things in our minds that are not yet reality.
Ann Gant • Devotional
The truth is giving up and doing nothing is easier. But I believe that it hurts more to give up then it does to keep going. Besides if I am going to feel some pain it might as well be while I am on my way to my destiny.
Ann Gant • Bible Study
For our Bible Study/Book Review last week we took assessments which the authors stated was designed to help give us a map of our God-given design which identifies the gifts we have to invest in the world.
Bible Study
This past week we started our book discussion with the Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2. We have learned a lot already. We learned how we should see our calling in respect to our relationship with Christ. We are called to be ourselves. We are uniquely designed to fulfill our Father's purpose. Within ourselves He has placed a desire to search for our calling which should always lead us to Him.
Bible Study
Welcome to our online reading of Live Your Calling by Kevin & Kay Marie Brennfleck. I am so excited that we are starting this book. I am looking forward to us learning more about our spiritual gifts, talents and skills and how they can be applied to our callings in work and volunteer opportunities.
Living your calling requires you to recognize and overcome your own set of obstacles-your personal calling blockers. The extreme adventure of your calling requires courage, resourcefulness, and willingness to confront new and unfamiliar challenges.
Bible Study
Last week in our featured book, Live Your Calling, the authors Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck defined Personal Mission Statements. Your personal mission statements, priority goals and action plans build a bridge between the vision of your calling in the future and your reality today.
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