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This certainly was not the first time that Abigail had to think fast to cover her husband's bad behavior. Nabal was a fool. Even his name meant "fool." But whatever he was, he was her husband.
In order to release the hold that fear has on us we have to saturate ourselves in God's love. Here are scriptures for you to meditate on when fear tries to overtake you. I have also included books on fear. I pray that these resources will help you to conquer fear in any and all areas of your life. I also pray that you will be filled with Godly courage to fulfill your dreams.
This past week we discussed making decisions within the will of God. But how do we know exactly what God wants us to do?
I listened to SADA K.'S NEW ALBUM "LONG STORY SHORT" this past week. Her voice is beautiful and the songs promote an uplifting message rooted in perseverance through Christ.
Thereafter, Hagar referred to the LORD, who had spoken to her, as "the God who sees me," for she said, "I have seen the One who sees me!" Genesis 16:13 (NLT)
This Bible story starts off like an episode straight out of Young and the Restless. Sarai was not able to give her husband Abram any children. So she decides to give him her servant, Hagar, to have sexual relations with so that they could have a child through her.
In His longest recorded sermon, Jesus began by describing the traits He was looking for in His followers. He said that God blesses those who live out these traits.
In our reading last week the authors discussed Vision. Vision, as the term is referred in the text is the God-given ability to picture things in our minds that are not yet reality.
The song, Real Thing, touched me personally so I keep it on repeat. It reminds me of how before Christ I use to chase after so many things that were not real, things that did not satisfy but my soul agrees with the words that Jesus is the real thing.
The truth is giving up and doing nothing is easier. But I believe that it hurts more to give up then it does to keep going. Besides if I am going to feel some pain it might as well be while I am on my way to my destiny.
For our Bible Study/Book Review last week we took assessments which the authors stated was designed to help give us a map of our God-given design which identifies the gifts we have to invest in the world.


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