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YOU ARE A WRITER by JEFF GOINS will help you fall back in love with writing and build an audience who shares your love. It's about living the dream of a life dedicated to words and it all begins with YOU.

One of my favorite resources to get information on starting my own business is the Entrepreneur website and magazine. I subscribed to the online content but if you sign up for their newsletter you still get a lot of free tips as well.
I thought that I would share this list of the "12 Steps to Start a Business" written by Matthew McCreary on It is very detailed and offers links to other resources. I also love the fact that you can print it out and use it as a check off list as you complete each task toward starting your business. Some of the topics include: evaluating yourself to see what type of business you should start, how to come up with business ideas, the legal structuring and financing of a business and much more.
I read a devotional from, The Word For You Today Devotional called, "What Season are you In"? The devotional talked about being in a season of small beginnings. My favorite passage from it says,
"Are you in a season of small beginnings? If you are, God says, "Do not despise these small beginnings (Zec. 4:10 NLT)." The richness and stability that comes from small beginnings and gradual success are more lasting than the temperamental theatrics of those who have never learned their vulnerabilities or developed a true sense of dependence on God."
God uses everyday people like you and me for his work. When I realized this I was amazed and liberated. What is required?- belief in Him and a willingness to follow His directions.
See I use to look at other people and think that they were Christian superheroes and I thought that I had to wait to receive these superpowers.


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