Listen to the words of this song, "Worth" by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy and let it minister the truth of your worth to God in your heart.

There are many of us that look for our worth through people, things and accomplishments but none of these temporary fixes last for long do they?

I have found that the only way to truly feel like you have value is to realize it through a relationship with Christ.

Even if you feel valued it can come and go based on how people feel or circumstances change.

But God never changes.

If you are asking yourself if you matter or if anybody cares that you are in this world or even if you feel valuable, understand that the reason the feeling doesn't last is because no one on this earth could ever love or value you more than the God that gave His life so that you can be free from the world's limitations.

We are limited here by our humanity but we will be complete once we are with Christ.

Until then we are blessed to be able to look in God's Word and see what He says about how truly valuable we are to Him so that we can feel lasting worth that never fades.

Listen to the words of this song, "Worth" by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy and let it  minister this truth to your heart.

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