2018 Blog

Are you thinking about going to college? It can be a tough decision whether you are fresh out of high school or trying to go back to school after many years of putting your degree on the back burner. One of the reasons that some people can struggle with going to college is because of the rising cost of tuition. Then after graduation a nice chunk of your salary can go to paying off student loans.
Am I saying that people should not go to college because it's too expensive? No. But what I am saying is that because of the internet giving us the blessing of online learning there are alternatives to high college tuition like free college tuition.
Are you starting the process for a big dream? Are you starting a new business or going back to school? Truth is being a dreamer can be tough. Just thinking about a process that you must go through to get to your dream can make you want to give up before you even start. Believe me I truly understand the feeling. I too am starting businesses, working on school and working full time along with being a wife and mother. It can be a lot.
But you know what I am going to say. No, we can't give up. It does take perseverance to win.


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